Chinese growers discover advantages of greenhouse roof cleaners.

In the past few months, Van der Waay received more and more requests and actual orders from companies in China. Both the greenhouse roof cleaners and the chalking machines lead to clear advantages for many cultivations in China, because they significantly improve and increase the production of fresh vegetables and ornamental plant cultivations.

Greenhouse is getting dirty quickly

Increasingly more Chinese growers of vegetables and ornamental plant cultivations, and large investors such as supermarket chains in the area, change to cultivation in professional greenhouses. That is when they notice, and especially in certain areas, that the greenhouse roof allows less light to pass because of the climatological and especially environmentally polluting circumstances. In that case, the use of the greenhouse roof cleaner would lead to a major profit increase. As soon as the owners and investors of these greenhouse complexes realise this, the decision to purchase a professional and safe roof cleaner becomes profitable.