Adjusted roof cleaner for application under outdoor screen

A modern greenhouse horticulture business in China experienced a practical problem. An innovative screen system was built on top of the modern greenhouse. Soon, the grower realised that cleaning the greenhouse roof is very important to maximise production. With help from Royal Brinkman, the customer ended up at Van der Waay, which designed a suitable and ready roof cleaner that fits the outdoor screen like a glove.

Manual cleaning is time-consuming and very dangerous. In order to automate these activities, the Chinese horticultural company was looking for a solution and decided to consult supplier Royal Brinkman. They knew the innovative power that Van der Waay offers, which designed a Top Cleaner for them.

Low and narrow design

The size of the machine has been adjusted so it fits below the outside screen system. However, the design shouldn't only be low enough the be able to ride below the screen, but it also had to be narrow enough to ride in the gutters between the supporting posts of the screen system. The customer could already experience the effective operation of the roof cleaner just after delivery of the Top Cleaner.