Indoor greenhouse roof cleaners

Top Sprayer: apply automatic coatings

The Top Sprayer is the first choice of contracting companies and many growers all over the world for chalking and coating of their greenhouse roof. The machine is quick, safe and applies a perfect layer, irrespective of the circumstances.

Light is important to an optimum growth, but too much light could damage the crops. You can use a coating to direct the light in the greenhouse. For even light distribution, it is important that an even layer of coating is applied. The Top Sprayer guarantees a perfectly even result, irrespective of the circumstances. You can use it to apply a chalk layer or coatings of all well-known brands (Mardenkro, Hermadix, Sudlac).

Tested over and over again

All parts of this machine have been carefully selected. The technique has been tested over and over again, which leads to an optimum result, proven reliability and sustainability. Safety was also a top priority when designing the machine, so you won't find anything better on this area. All acknowledged contracting companies and many leading growers all over the world work with the Top Sprayer, and that's not without reason.


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