Safety tips


starts with you.

We make our machines as safe as possible, which is very important when you work at heights. But just as important is your employees' behaviour. It is also important that you - before working with the machine - take the right precautionary measures.

Before working with the machine

  1. Set up a Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E).
  2. Use the available construction reports, certificates, etc. to check if the machine's total weight plus the platform, possible facilities and the operator do not exceed the maximum allowed load of the service rail and the greenhouse roof.
  3. Check if all greenhouse gutters have been equipped with sound end of gutter securities. The roof cleaner or chalking machine can ride off the roof when these securities are not present and/or fixed well.
  4. Make sure no persons are working inside the greenhouse at places below the roof cleaner or chalking machine on the greenhouse roof.
  5. Only use certified cranes with sufficient hoisting capacity.
  6. Only use certified slings with sufficient hoisting capacity.
  7. Take care of an even and hardened loading and unloading location. Place drive plates if needed.
  8. Fence off the environment with fences, barrier tapes or cones when working near the public road or other activities.
  9. Make sure no persons are within the turning range of the crane during hoisting and construction activities.
  10. Read the manual before working with the machine.

Tips for safe working on a greenhouse roof

  1. Never exceed the maximum allowed number of persons or the maximum allowed weight on the platform, as stated on the identification plate.
  2. Prevent risk of falling while climbing the platform. Secure yourself by using the fall arrest device and the safety harness.
  3. Prevent risk of falling on the platform. Secure yourself to the platform's lifting points when working on the platform. 
  4. Make sure you know the safety procedures when using a harness and lanyard!
  5. Leave the machine immediately in the event of wind speeds of 10 metres per second. or more.
  6. Leave the platform immediately in the event of an approaching thunderstorm or sudden weather changes.
  7. Make sure you can trigger an alarm, always wear a mobile phone or other communication tools. 
  8. Take care of sufficient lighting when working in the dark.
  9. Always wear head protection and reflective clothing in the event of sunny and warm weather, and protect exposed body parts with sun lotion. Wear protective clothes in the event of rain and cold weather.
  10. Always make sure a second person is stand-by to check your safety and to trigger an alarm if needed.

Download our manual for more information

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