Van der Waay takes new business premise with test centre into use

On March 27, Van der Waay has taken his new business property with test center into use. For the producer and global market leader in greenhouse cover cleaners and chalk machines, the new location means a substantial expansion of their production capacity. The modern test centre also offers unique opportunities for Van der Waay's customers. Not only to demonstrate how the machines work, but also to train users or to experiment with new chalk products.

The new building at Green Tech Valley in Hazerswoude-Dorp offers extra space to the ever-growing activities of Van der Waay. "In the new warehouses we have many more possibilities to manufacture and assemble our machines", says Marcel Koolmees, board member and co-owner at Van der Waay. "The production is divided over two production halls of 3,000 m2. In one hall the metal workers are active, where they manufacture the steel and aluminium parts. While in the other hall the assembly takes place. Because large cranes hang from the ceiling in both halls, we can produce our machines faster, but also more efficiently and even safer in terms of working conditions.

Unique test centre
Another important improvement is the test centre, which was built behind the industrial halls. "This test centre is truly unique. It is a Venlo greenhouse of 1000 m2, specially adjusted for our purpose. The greenhouse with six hoods has rails on both end walls, on which we can hang a platform with greenhouse cover cleaner or chalk machine. This gives us every opportunity to test our machines extensively before they go to customers. But we also use it to test new, innovative developments we want to test in order to be able to market them in the future," says Marcel Koolmees.

More testing and innovation
Founder and co-owner Joost van de Waay complements him: "At the moment it is often difficult to try out certain improvements on our machines. When we deliver a machine, the customer doesn't want us to try out a few caps first; to do tests with brush x or brush y. Or to vary in nozzles and test different chalk products. Yet that is necessary for a market leader like Van der Waay. Moreover, we are convinced that washing and chalking the cover of the greenhouses can be much more accurate. But this requires intensive testing and further development. Now we can do this at our own test location. We can also invite potential customers to try out machines or to follow a training course in which we teach them how to work with certain chalk products.

Office and warehouse space
There will also be space in the greenhouse to test the Aquajet, the greenhouse cover cleaner for the inside of the roof. The Aquajet not only cleans the greenhouse roof or the walls on the inside, but can also be used, for example, for cleaning cultivation gutters. Well-equipped office spaces have also been created in the new building, as well as a comfortable company canteen. The company also has a large warehouse on the ground floor and first floor where Van der Waay keeps its parts in stock; products that can also be ordered via the webshop. "We are making significant progress. We will soon be able to receive our customers very neatly and, if they wish, give them a demonstration. Moreover, we still have room for expansion on our site, which is useful if we continue to grow as we do now," says Tom Zwanenburg, sales manager at Van der Waay.

Between Hazerswoude-Dorp and Boskoop
Van der Waay's new building is the first building on the new Green Tech Valley business park. Green Tech Valley is part of the Pot and Container Cultivation site, which is located between the towns of Boskoop and Hazerswoude-Dorp. For Van der Waay it is a new location in a familiar municipality. Until now, the company was located on an adjacent site in the same municipality.

The new address is:
Finlandlaan 2
2391 PV Hazerswoude