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Chalk pump trailer 1600 liters

This pump trailer is the same as the 1,600 liter chalk pump set, but equipped as an extra with a towing eye and robust wheels to simplify moving.

For a small additional charge we can provide this pump set with two mixing tanks of 1,000 liters each.

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Comet diaphragm pump

This pump set is equipped with a Comet IDS 960 diaphragm pump. In our opinion this is the best available pump for pumping; various coatings (screen agents), powdered chalk, and fluoride based glass cleaners. The pressure regulator has an extra hardened pressure pin to minimize wear from "sharp" particles in the spray liquid. The pump housing is made of brass.

The IDS 960, powered by a 400/480V - 5.5Kw electric motor has a capacity of 57 liters per minute and a maximum pressure of 50Bar.

When powered by a gasoline engine, the pump has a maximum output of 90 liters per minute.

Easy to move

This trailer is easy to move using a tractor, as it is equipped with an adjustable drawbar eye and a set of all-terrain wheels. Forget about pump sets with small wheels, they can't be moved over loose or uneven ground. 

Hose reel

The manual hose reel is filled with a lightweight high-pressure hose, which is connected to the platform of the machine.

Connection for greenhouse roof washer

The electrically driven pump set has an extra socket to which the power cable of the Top Cleaner greenhouse roof washer can be connected. This is very handy when there is only one connection to the greenhouse wall.

Special editions

Chalk pump trailer 1600 liters PTO

This pump set is mainly used in combination with the Top Cleaner Poly greenhouse deck cleaner. At the back is a large hose reel mounted, where easily 250 meters of 5/8" hose fits. The reel is hydraulically driven and has an adjustable reel force.

The Comet IDS 960 pump, and the hydraulic part are driven by the PTO of a tractor. 

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