Safety starts with you

Our machines are designed and built in accordance with the European Machinery Directive. Equally important for working safely at heights is the behavior of your employees. It is also important that - before you start working with the machine - you take the right precautions.

An unsafe greenhouse makes the machine unsafe too

It is only possible to work safely with our machines if your greenhouse is suitable for this. Check from available construction reports, certificates, etc. that the total weight of the machine plus platform, any auxiliary equipment, and the operating person does not exceed the maximum permissible load on the service rail and the greenhouse roof. 

The minimum requirements for new greenhouses are:
  • A robust rail should be attached to the greenhouse gable structure over which a platform can move. This rail must be able to bear a weight of 1,800 KG.
  • The gutters must be able to bear a weight of 300 KG, divided over 2 pressure points (wheels) with a center to center distance of 150 cm.
  • At the end of each greenhouse gutter a stopper should be mounted which should be strong enough to stop a moving machine (35 meters per minute). 
TNO - 034-DTM-2010-02366, Safe application of a service rail on new greenhouses
NEN-EN 13031-1:2002

Safe hoisting of the machine

  1. Use only approved lifting equipment with sufficient lifting capacity.
  2. Only use approved slings with sufficient load-bearing capacity.
  3. Provide a levelled and paved loading and unloading area; if necessary, lay driving plates.
  4. Secure the area with fences, ribbons or pylons if work is being carried out near the public highway or other work.
  5. Ensure that no persons are within the turning range of the crane during lifting and erection work.

Working safely with the machine

  1. Study the user manual.
  2. Prepare a Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E).
  3. Use the prescribed PPE.
  4. Use fall protection equipment while climbing -and working on the machine. 
  5. Make sure you know the safety procedures when using a harness and lanyard!
  6. Never exceed the permitted number of persons or weight as stated on the machine's identification plate.
  7. Ensure that there are no persons under the machine (in the greenhouse) when it travels over the greenhouse deck.
  8. Leave the greenhouse/machine during thunderstorms or other sudden weather events.
  9. Lock the platform after use with the ladder guard plate provided.
  10. Anchor the platform to the greenhouse structure at the approach of a storm.