Roof washers

Top Cleaner Poly, for cleaning plastic film greenhouses

Maximum light output in plastic multispan greenhouses

Regular cleaning of the greenhouse cover film can bring tens of percent more light into the greenhouse at those times when the crop needs it. More light leads to higher production, so the investment is quickly recouped, even when the plastic foil is replaced every three or five years.

This deck washer drives through one greenhouse gutter, with on the left and right a long arm fitted with hydraulically driven brush discs. At the end of both arms a soft support roller is mounted which rests on the ridge pipe and keeps the deck cleaner in balance. The arms are dismountable and available in different lengths. This makes it possible to use one machine on greenhouses with different roof widths. For example, on a 12.80 and 9.60 meter bay.

The Top Cleaner Poly drags a water hose behind it. This water hose is connected to a hose reel with a high pressure water pump, which is on the ground. The high-pressure pump has a large flow rate so that a generous amount of water flows onto the foil during washing.

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Cleaning and coating spraying

The Top Cleaner Poly can optionally be equipped with a set of built-in spray booms that can be used to apply an even layer of screen to the greenhouse roof. Naturally, Van der Waay also supplies a suitable pump trailer with a hose reel for this purpose.

No expensive modifications to greenhouse construction

The greenhouse roof washer can be placed on the greenhouse roof easily, quickly and safely using a telescopic handler or a truck-mounted crane. So you can start right away with the Top Cleaner Poly!

Suitable for any roof size

With an additional set of brush arms, the Top Cleaner Poly roof washer can be used on different hood sizes.

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