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Top Cleaner roof washer

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Top Cleaner, the roof washer for Venlo greenhouses

If you are considering a greenhouse roof cleaner, then you obviously want to make the right choice. After all, it is an investment you should be able to rely on for at least 10 years. 

With over 30 years of experience in designing, using as a contractor ourselves, and manufacturing greenhouse roof washers and chalk machines, we know and understand exactly what is/isn't desirable, or what is/isn't possible.

Together with you, we will be happy to determine the correct design of the Top Cleaner to enable you to work safely and pleasantly, and of course with the shortest possible ROI.

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Various controls

A Top Cleaner consists of a greenhouse roof cleaner, and a moving platform which is placed along the greenhouse wall on a rail. The platform controls the roof cleaner and moves it after a roof has been cleaned.

Manual operated
The platform is standard equipped with a wired remote control to start the roof washer and to move the platform along the greenhouse wall.
Optionally, the platform can be automated. In the display (multilingual menu), or from an App on your cell phone, you program the number of roofs to be washed, followed by the start command (direct or via timer). The platform will position itself in front of the roof, and allow the greenhouse roof washer to wash until the number of set roofs are completed. You must close the vents yourself.

Climate computer
If desired, the Top Cleaner can be linked to your climate computer. When a number of conditions are met, the climate computer will close the vents and give the roof washer a start command. The greenhouse roof washer will continue to wash until the climate computer determines that the vents should be opened again.
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Of course, the Top Cleaner is built in accordance with the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive. You may therefore rest assured that you are purchasing a safe machine.
A CE Declaration of Conformity (DoC) is included in the user manual provided.


To you, every roof washer probably looks the same, and that is of course true, because the greenhouse largely determines the shape of the machine.

Yet there are many technical differences; where one manufacturer stops, we go a few steps further. By being critical in the choice of materials and construction, for example, the Top Cleaner is the lightest roof washer on the market. It's a nice thought, knowing that the machine rides over an aluminum greenhouse gutter.

Brushes, hydraulics and bearings are all components that determine the life span and reliability of the machine. If we can improve on them, we will. We do not think "good is good". Our goal is simply to continue to manufacture the best machines for you.
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