AquaJet, the roof cleaner for your greenhouse's inside and cultivation gutters

The AquaJet is especially developed to be able to start in a shiny and fresh greenhouse after every cultivation season. The AquaJet quickly and thoroughly cleans the inside of your greenhouse during crop rotation.

While riding over the pipe rail system, the AquaJet applies cleaning or disinfection agents to the inside of your greenhouse roof, and then applies a high-pressure water beam to rinse it. The AquaJet works without cables, has a hydraulic drive and can be delivered with a stepless telescopic boom. This boom is used to clean and disinfect the greenhouse roof from up-close, leading to an optimum result. An optional module cleans cultivation gutters, which saves a lot of money that you would normally spend on labour! The machine is user-friendly.




  • track width: 425-600 mm
  • drive: hydraulic
  • hose reel: suitable for 150m 1 inch hose
  • water pump unit: membrane pump 83 l/min at 45 bar
  • riding speed: steplessly adjustable to 60 m/min
  • weight: about 650 kg
  • capacity: cleans about 1 hectare of roof/facades per day

Standard equipment

  • stainless steel frame
  • 18 HP gasoline motor
  • membrane pump
  • hose reel with 150 metres of hose
  • hydraulically retractable spray boom, suitable for greenhouses with a gutter height up to about 6.5 metres, with 2 Casotti pendulum sprinklers (80 litres)
  • adjustable undercarriage for different body sizes of the tube rail system


  • spray unit for cleaning agent
  • extended spray boom (only for greenhouses with a gutter height of > 6.50 metres)
  • hydraulically retractable boom for greenhouses with low hanging crop wires
  • pressure booster pump for water supply from the tap to the hose reel
  • crop gutter cleaner


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