Greenhouse roof repair

Greenhouse roof repair cart, Glass Repair Cart

The safest and most efficient way to replace greenhouse roof panes

Replacing broken glass on a greenhouse deck is not without risk to the persons performing this work. Working at height without fall protection is also prohibited. In addition, the risk of spreading a virus increases when the repairmen have to be in your greenhouse.

Using the Glass Repair Cart, glass panes can be replaced safely with a minimum of risk. Besides replacing glass panes, the Glass Repair Cart can also be used to repair window insect netting.

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Origine glass pane dimensions

Thanks to a clever invention it is possible to continue using the original glass pane dimensions instead of the combination of smaller panes and repair profiles.
With the included bending tool it is possible to put back the so called under vent sheet as last after which the greenhouse deck is returned to its original state.

Fall protection

Thanks to the integrated rails with rolling anchor points, the repairmen can secure themselves safely using a harness and lanyard, all according to the European standard EN 795.

Keep airing

Opened vents are no obstacle for the Glass Repair Cart. Repairs can therefore simply be carried out during the day without affecting the climate in the greenhouse.


After the Glass Repair Cart has been placed on the greenhouse roof using a crane or telescopic handler, it can then be moved on a platform, for example that of the Top Cleaner greenhouse roof washer, to the next repair spot.