Spray Calculation Tools

Spray boom flow calculator

With the calculation tool below, you can easily determine the correct flow for the spray booms. The pump flow is based on three spray booms being open at the same time as shown in the image below.

We recommend that you place a flow meter on the pump set. You can order this from Van der Waay.
The article number of this flowmeter is 47286 (Flowmeter 5-50L/MIN stainless steel).

If you do not use a flowmeter you will have to measure the flow per nozzle using a 3 liter measuring jug.

NOTE: for this calculation make sure that:

  • The spray booms are equipped with (red) TeeJet XR11004VK nozzles.
  • The Top Cleaner driving speed is in position 10 (25 meters per minute).
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Amount of spray mixture in liters (coating + water) per
Top Cleaner model

Required pump flowliters per minute
Required nozzle flow liters per minute